Is your SEO strategy failing to increase your website traffic? It is time to consider your SEO efforts before it's too late. Most of the top brands are utilizing effective SEO strategies to increase traffic to their website and attract the customers’ attention.

But what are the reasons that your SEO efforts are not showing results? Let's know the reasons why your SEO services are not showing effective results.

5 reasons why your SEO strategies are failing

The best SEO Services company in kolkata discussed some of the reasons for your failing SEO campaigns and what you can do about them. 

  • You have an outdated website 

A website which is too complex and requires the visitors to click two or three times to visit your website may increase the bounce rate. It is one of the reasons behind decreased website traffic. 

You need to improve the structure of your website to enhance the performance of your SEO strategies. Here are some ways in which you can adopt

  • Make your home page available user friendly and appealing 
  • Optimize your HTML strategies 
  • Follow a logical order on your site
  • Your contents are not updated

Having relevant content is one of the most important ranking factors. You need to publish high-quality content to rank your website. Your SEO methods may continue to fail if the content does not perform. The common reasons why your content is not performing may be the following:

  • Duplicate content 
  • Irrelevant content 

Digital marketing agency in kolkata makes sure that their content is relevant to the users' search intent. 

  • Poor keywords usage 

The keywords you use should target the audience in their searches. Your keywords will not work if you make the following mistakes. 

  • Repeating keywords 
  • Not using long-tail keywords 
  • Using too competitive keywords 

Keywords must be placed and implemented properly, which will improve your SEO performance and increase traffic to your website. 

  • Your website is responsive on digital devices

Today most searches take place on mobiles. If your customers are unable to access your website on their mobile phones or any other digital devices, you might be missing out on some traffic as part of your SEO services. Hence, while designing your website, ensure it is mobile responsive. 

  • Not building proper links. 

Link building is an important factor for SEO ranking. Besides internal linking, you need to build inbound links for your website from authority domains. Also, include outbound links to increase the credibility of your content. 


The above factors are the common reasons for the failure of your SEO campaign. Make sure you find the root cause of your problem and take action to improve your SEO strategy.